Gunite pools are one of the top choices for homeowners today, due to their beauty, versatility and durability. Pool owners with gunite pools can also choose from a varity of finishes to coordinate with the rest of their outdoor living area and decking of their choice. Homeowners can also opt for a variety of features to be attached to gunite pools including waterfalls, custom steps and spas. The flexibility of the material means you can customize a swimming pool to your specific taste and budget. Vist Latham Pool and Imagine Pools for more.


There are many advantages to installing a vinyl liner pool. Vinyl pools are very flexible and cannot crack like a concrete pool. You will never have to repaint or re-plaster a vinyl pool. Because of the flexibility with the steel walls, a vinyl pool offers unlimited design options, sizes and shapes for your backyard. A vinyl pool is also less expensive than a fiberglass pool or concrete pool. As in all inground pools, a variety of features may be added to your vinyl pool including spas, waterfalls, decking, laminar jets, lighting effects and pool heaters. check out more at Cardinal Systems and Taraliners

Fiber Glass

Fiberglass pools come in most any size and shape imaginable. They are molded pools that are installed in your yard in one piece. A great advantage is that fiberglass pools can usually be installed very quickly – sometimes as fast as a few days! Fiberglass pools have a smooth finish and are more resistant to algae formation and maintain more stable pH levels. check out more at Trilogy Pools